Angie Pellicciari-Mielke

Mum, cat lover, creative genius, spiritualist and an all-round awesome human

Angie’s is a mum to one child and three cats. Her passion is in communications and her motivations are on web3, tech and girl power! Angie grew up in Brazil where her childhood was full of adventures by the beach on holidays with her family. That enriched experience combined with her creative mind and inquisitive nature, inspired her to pursue a career in writing stories and so, years later, she completed a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. 

After moving to England, Angie  became a highly motivated receptionist, working in the area of customer services for years, in places like pubs, at the front of the house for DEFRA and looking after a variety of clientele in business centres across London for Regus, where she was praised for her dedication, skills and professionalism. Angie’s keen interest in assisting her clients with their queries, admin requests and providing solutions was greatly appreciated by colleagues and clients alike.

Over the years, she never stopped writing, from editorial contributions, articles about different topics,  and personal blogging. She especially loves creating narrative storytelling and also translating texts of pretty much everything from English into Portuguese.

Her more recent background is in NFT projects. Working in the gaming industry and in the crypto gaming as a content writer, media and lore creator.

One of Angie’s hobbies are collecting crystals for their healing and well-being properties, alongside stones from different places she has visited.

She believes she will never stop pushing herself and that is one of the reasons she’s always studying subjects in communication, writing, and office management.

Learn more about Angie and her career history on her LinkedIn profile here.

Fun fact: Angie loves chocolate and makes the most delicious cakes you’ve ever tasted!